Sam’Art: George Condo

Last year, Condo created the artwork for Kanye West’s last album with the very controversial cover of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Even if his early work was influenced by Picasso and Miro, he managed through years to find his own signature. George Condo s’est fait connaitre par un public plus large à travers sa collaboration avec Kanye West pour son … Continue reading

Sam’Art: Kehinde Wiley

New York based visual artist, Kehinde Wiley considers himself as an urban portraitist. By using patterns defined by classical painters such like Titian or Ingres for his representation of black men,  he questions the thin line between traditional and contemporary modes of representation. Wiley’s heroic portraits were based on pictures taken of young men found on the … Continue reading

Sam’Art: Brett Manning

Brett Manning is a 24 year old girl from  Chicago. Her artworks seems to be a visual diary, commenting on things and events which have moved her. Her use of ambiguous symbols and allusions tend to appear to be delivering some sort of story.  Brett Mannings est une illustratrice originaire de Chicago comme son nom ne l’indique pas. Son … Continue reading

Sam’Art: Kelly Reemtsen

Kelly Reemtsen est une artiste contemporaine américaine. Ses oeuvres principalement des peintures à l’huile représentent des femmes aux allures de Samantha de “Ma sorcière bien aimée” avec leurs robes aux plis parfaits des années 60. Elles n’ont rien de ses mères au foyer bien sages, elles paraissent au bord de la crise de nerfs et prêtes … Continue reading