Sam’Art: Kehinde Wiley

New York based visual artist, Kehinde Wiley considers himself as an urban portraitist. By using patterns defined by classical painters such like Titian or Ingres for his representation of black men,  he questions the thin line between traditional and contemporary modes of representation.
Wiley’s heroic portraits were based on pictures taken of young men found on the streets of Harlem asked to take poses from painting of Renaissance. His artworks are a combination of different styles from Italian Renaissance to Rococo to hip hop references. His work addresses the image and status of black young men and redefines masculinity and physicality.

Kehinde Wiley est un peintre dans les travaux mélange les codes propres aux portraits de la Renaissance où le pouvoir et le rang du sujet sont representés et les codes de la culture urbaine. Ce qui rend un étrange télescopage entre Ingres et David et LL Cool J. Mais ces portraits de jeunes anonymes de Harlem tentent de changer la représentation des jeunes Afroaméricains loin des histoires de gangs et de drogues.


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