Mardi Court: Up There

This is a 12 minutes mini-documentary exploring the meticulously painted, enormous ads on buildings around New York City. While most have transitioned to vinyl, Colossal Media Group prefers the good old  fashion way: hand painting billboards and ads. Advertisements

Sam’Art: George Condo

Last year, Condo created the artwork for Kanye West’s last album with the very controversial cover of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Even if his early work was influenced by Picasso and Miro, he managed through years to find his own signature. George Condo s’est fait connaitre par un public plus large à travers sa collaboration avec Kanye West pour son … Continue reading


Downtown 81 portrays a day in the life of a young artist Jean (Basquiat) who needs to raise money to reclaim the apartment from which he has been evicted. He wanders the downtown streets, encountering friends, whose lives (and performances) we peek into. Downtown 81 is also a slice of life from one of the most … Continue reading

Mardi Court: Goodbye To The Normals

Sam’Art: Kehinde Wiley

New York based visual artist, Kehinde Wiley considers himself as an urban portraitist. By using patterns defined by classical painters such like Titian or Ingres for his representation of black men,  he questions the thin line between traditional and contemporary modes of representation. Wiley’s heroic portraits were based on pictures taken of young men found on the … Continue reading

Mardi Court: One Square Mile of Earth

One Square Mile of Earth is a short series by Jeff Drew with funny characters going around in the same bar. Bill a depressed bunny, Lucy the annoying goat and Pedro the squirrel definitely my favorite. It’s short and well written, it was also presented last year at the SXSW Festival.